Cedar Mill Boundary Adjustment Fact Sheet

Cedar Mill Elementary residents and businesses believe our area, North of Hwy 26, should be included within the Sunset High School Zone. Cedar Mill Elementary students clearly meet the criteria of transportation, safety, neighborhood unity, minimize transitions for students and proximity.

Here are a few important facts that show why Cedar Mill Elementary students should continue to attend Sunset High School. 

Safety and Transportation

Our consultation with a land-use planner, formerly of Washington County, and two traffic engineers, plus online research, reveal key facts about the safety and transportation issues involved:

Traffic Volume

Highways: The traffic volume from the “Sylvan Highlands” area that includes the Highway 26/217 interchange is notoriously high. Backups and delays are a daily occurrence regardless of the weather conditions and even time-of-day.

Major Roads: According to data from ODOT, Washington County and the City of Beaverton, traffic volumes on Cornell and Barnes Road are anywhere from 10% to 50% less than the routes to Beaverton High School.

All routes to Beaverton High School takes a minimum of 50% longer than the routes to Sunset. Highway 26 is a natural transportation boundary for our community allowing for east- west driving patterns that are less congested and flow opposite of the commute patterns.


Highway 217 southbound during the morning commute features merging of three feeders (Hwy 26 east, north, and west), zig-zagging traffic and stop-and-go conditions no matter the weather.

Cedar Hills Blvd has 2.5 times more accidents than Cornell Road (does not include the un-signaled Highway 26/Cedar Hills Blvd interchange)

All routes to Sunset flow opposite business commuter traffic making it safer for young drivers who account for 16.5% of all accidents in the state.

Continuous bike/walk path available to Cedar Mill Elementary Students via THPRD and Washington County existing infrastructure while biking/walking or public bus is not an option for Beaverton High School from our area.

Neighborhood Unity

  • The Proposed Springboard Boundary Map would tear approximately 500 students from 4,265 households out of their immediate neighborhood north of Hwy 26 and send them southward to a community where there are no roots, no established relationships. Beaverton High School would become a commuter school for all these households.
  • The Cedar Mill business community would suffer losses from the current support it receives by having our households travel to Sunset High School through the heart of downtown Cedar Mill. The Proposed Springboard Boundary Map indicates most of Sunset High School households are on the west side of the school where established communities of Bethany and Tanasbourne already exist. These households will travel to and from school without ever entering the heart of Cedar Mill.
  • Sunset High School opened in 1959 and is located in an unincorporated section of Washington County known as “Cedar Mill.” The feeder school Cedar Mill Elementary opened in 1926, and was part of District 6, then Cedar Mill School District. In 1960, Cedar Mill School District was absorbed by Beaverton School District, and Cedar Mill Elementary students became future Apollos. This history is important, because one of the unique aspects of our area is the VERY strong community ties, including many multi-generational Sunset families.

Availability of Space

  • The proposal sends Oak Hills (613 students) and Elmonica (587 students) to Sunset and moves West TV (333 students) and part of Cedar Mill (approx. 100 students) to Beaverton – effectively adding more students than it subtracts and impacting four schools unnecessarily.
  • The district can preserve more capacity for growth by keeping the West TV and Cedar Mill neighborhoods, and keeping Oak Hills and Elmonica students in other high school areas.

Minimize Transitions for Students

Our community believes the Springboard Proposal maximizes educational disruption for our students.

  • The curriculum at Cedar Mill – Cedar Park – Sunset is set up for the International Baccalaureate (IB) education. Any change to that path disrupts the continuity of the educational process.