Communities and Schools of Cedar Hills

Specific concerns raised by parents of the Cedar Hills Area

Community Values

Neighborhoods will be disunited and kids will have transitional issues. My kids have made some very close friends at Ridgewood, and these friendships will carry over into middle school. Yet, with the current boundary adjustments, after middle school they will not be able to attend high school together…a time when you need people you are comfortable with, it’s a big deal for students! Also, they will not be able to participate in sports or other school activities together.

There will be transportation Issues and the school is now further away. Some of us will now have a significantly longer drive with traffic, our kids will have to take this into account and leave earlier. This will also make it hard for those who have work after school or sports and it will be harder to carpool.

The current routes will also push drivers to detour through neighborhoods instead of main roads to avoid heavy traffic. This raises a whole different safety concern.

It will go against tradition. My father went to Sunset, my siblings and I went to sunset, and now I want my child to go to Sunset. I’m still friends with the teachers, I still know some of the coaches… the kids know the coaches from little league sports so under these boundary changes they will basically have to start all over.

Staffing patterns will have to be changed. More accommodations for non-English speaking students will have to be made, and more support will have to be given to kids.

Under the current proposal there will be an unequal distribution of demographics. This will create “elite schools,” putting other schools at a socioeconomic disadvantage; there is no balance under this design. The boundaries we currently go by have a decent balance of demographics across the board, creating at least some degree of equality between Beaverton schools.