Community Input for Beaverton School District Changes

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In sum, the Springboard Proposal as it is currently is not a sustainable plan, and adjustments need to be made to lower the impact of changing 75% of the feeder schools currently going to Beaverton High School, in particular Raleigh Hills. The Raleigh Hills families and community are the most impacted by the change in sending them to Southridge, a community they have never been a part of in its more than 100 year history. The impact on traffic, student health and safety, and families is simply too big for the current proposed boundary to be sustainable, equitable, and safe.

We are very concerned about the proposed changes. The proposed adjustments contradict the criteria for boundary adjustments as listed on the Beaverton school district website, especially “proximity to school” and “neighborhood unity”

Thank you for organizing this website and gathering useful information. My main concern is about the proposed boundary line cutting right through the Cedar Mill Elementary school community.

Our family resides in the West Tualatin View Elementary School boundary and after reviewing the proposed changes we would like to encourage the Boundary Committee to reconsider the proposed boundary North of Hwy 26 and add West TV community back to Sunset High School. We propose listing Hwy 26 as the natural boundary divide.

We are not happy with the new proposed boundary. We spend a great deal of time researching the best location for schools and work, and now it is going to be changed. NOT happy

My twins will be sophomores at Sunset when the boundaries change in fall 2017. They have attended IB schools and have lived in the Sunset High boundary area since first grade. I’m very against sending them to Beaverton High, which has no IB program, and splitting them from their peer group at a time when they should be focused on preparing for college in a familiar neighborhood, not navigating unfamiliar territory and having to make new friends.

I’m also against the Springboard map because it makes Sunset and Westview serve only the wealthiest areas of the district, fostering inequality of resources for the remaining high schools.

I have two daughters. One will be a senior and continue to attend Sunset when the boundary change takes place. My other daughter will be a sophomore and have to change schools after spending her freshman year at Sunset.

Proposed changes focus only on filling builds. Providing a quality education for students is not addressed.

A representative from this household plans on attending all of the meetings. I have a daughter who is currently a sophomore at Sunset and will get grandfathered in to complete her senior year at Sunset. I also have a 3rd grader which will be impacted the most by these changes. I moved to this community because of the schools and am concerned about what is being proposed. Thank you for putting this forum together.

As a community located on the boundaries between Washington and Multnomah counties, I would never identify as a citizen of downtown Beaverton. Our neighborhood is deeply rooted in the educational path that goes from West T.V. to Cedar Park to Sunset High.

Our youth sports programs are aligned with Sunset sports, and the IB Program begins at Cedar Park and concludes at Sunset.A more sensible and safe boundary would be to draw the line at anything north of highway 26 would be Sunset High, and south of 26 would be Beaverton High. I know that appears to be “too simple” and predictable, but it is the more sensible solution.

Beaverton is a perfectly fine high school (and with the excellent AP program) but too far away and through many dangerous intersections.This change will also have my two girls in 2 different schools when they are in the exact same afterschool activities. How can I get two students to two different activities at the same time? Thank you for your efforts in keeping North of 26 at Sunset High School!

I am most concerned with the safety and time of travelling to Beaverton HS as opposed to Sunset HS.

Since our children entered grade school, we have been part of a tight-knit community centered around school pride – somewhat of a rarity in today’s world. Our kids have been “Future Apollos” since starting at West TV. My oldest son is now a freshman at Sunset and my middle child is an 8th grader at Cedar Park – looking forward to being an Apollo.

My youngest, a third grader at West TV, already knows the sense of community we feel in this neighborhood. Please do not take this from them. Changing the West TV boundary to Beaverton not only makes no sense from a logistical standpoint but disrupts the kids who grew up in Cedar Mill looking forward to being a part of the heartbeat of this community.

I have a few concerns about the possibility of Beaverton being our new high school, but I think the one that upsets me the most is that I don’t consider Beaverton our “neighborhood” school like Sunset is! Most of our life is spent north of hwy 26. My children are a part of Willow Creek softball league, Cedar Mill little league and have played on sunset’s flag football league.

As a result, we have a lot of games at sunset. We drive by sunset all the time. I think I’ve driven by Beaverton High School twice. We’re RARELY in that part of town. I think switching to that high school would definitely alter the “community” feel. Thanks so much!

currently we live just south across from 26. We have sunset high school students track team running though our neighborhood. That is how close we are to the high school. To propose we will now be with Beaverton high school is just disheartening.

It would not only waste precious day time commuting back and forth for our daughter but we specifically moved to our house in hopes she would go to sunset. I’m also concerned when she is ready to drive how it will be increase distance for her to get to and from school for after school programs we anticipate her to take. It will make it harder for us to pick up or drop off from work. And there is so much traffic in general heading that way whether on 217, back roads, etc

We are a Sunset family. Period. We want Cedar Mill LL, Sunset JBO, Milltown FC, and Sunset Youth Football.

The devastation caused by these proposed changes in our neighborhood is mirrored in the Beaverton HS attendance area, as well. Their community has put in a tremendous amount of sweat equity to create a marvelous environment at that school, only to have it ripped apart by socio-economic boundaries. They have created community in the true sense without having it forced upon them.

It appears to me that the crazy realignment serves NO ONE.