Communities North of Highway 26

This page is dedicated to the communities of Cedar Mill, West TV, West Haven, Peterkort, and other micro communities North of Highway 26.


We will be focusing on the following points:

Safety of the commute change. Cedar Mill is over 3 highways to downtown Beaverton. Elmonica is over the freeway to Sunset.

Splitting up elementary schools. Oak Hills and Cedar Mill will get divided under the proposed changes.

• Distance and rider time adjustments. We are estimating double the travel for at least half od the student population in the areas north of Highway 26.

• Loss of continuity. Thousands of Sunset alum will no longer share a community that is passed on to further generations.

Asking what is really gained. Is there anything wrong with the status quo north of Highway 26 right now? Sunset is not over crowded, so how will any of these changes benefit the school directly?

Opening up old wounds. Oak Hills wanted to defect to Westview 15 years ago. Why is the school board trying to bring students back now?