School Boundary Explorer for Crowdsourcing

Last night, parents and students came together to see the preliminary propositions for the boundary adjustment, and provide their input.  However, the desire to offer up their ideas, in  ways other than filling out a comment card, was expressed. To resolve this issue, parents Darren Hart and Brad Larson presented a software they developed for a website called the “School Boundary Explorer.”

This software allows parents to create and save their own ideal boundary map based on factors such as equity, safety, and transportation. According to Larson, the hope is that it will help find some commonality. Hart referred to this process as “crowdsourcing,” taking the knowledge of everyone in the community to come up with an overall solution.

District Spokesperson, Maureen Wheeler, said that the district would welcome these findings and send them to the redistricting committee, who will make a recommendation to the superintendent in March.

To use this interactive boundary map and contribute your own ideas, click here. Use the username “bsduser” and password “boundaries”